Bitch, Please!

That was the caption on the button with the skeptical little baby pictured here, ordered by new customer, T.H. for the 50th birthday of a woman who'd grown up to be somewhat permanently disgruntled. While he was in my office waiting for the 20 buttons he ordered for his customer, I asked him about his advertising specialty business, and how he got started! He told me that his father was in the business, and that he loved motorcycles-- riding them, building them, everything about them. So I asked him if he knew my friend Mike D.,who had a business building custom bikes. "Mike D.? He was my business partner in our custom motorcycle shop, Suicide Jack! How do you know Mike D.?" Because TH

Order too small? Never!

Today my phone rang for an order of 3 buttons! When would you like them? Tonight!! Yes, we can! That was an easy answer! But when Lamont Trotter came to pick up his order, I had to re-do them on the spot because of a minor error. But that was no problem because it gave us an opportunity to chat, and I got to learn what Richmond Alternative School is! When I learned it was for high school kids who've had problems with the law, I asked if he knew Sylvia Clute. He did!! He knew all about her Restorative Justice Program for the schools, because he was assistant principal at Armstrong H.S., when she was piloting her program there! Wow! Small world! What I didn't tell Lamont was that I had

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